Friendfeed and the stalkerati

We’re in a world where 9,000 people subscribe to Jason Calcanis‘ twitter stream, more than his blog, and where practicing transparency sometimes feels like a weird blend of the global village and an endless rout of self promotion. And a bit like stalkerati rule, too.
Or, at least that’s how felt when I read Louis Gray’s post reporting on which A list bloggers are public on friendfeed, allowing others to watch their every click and post on their blogs, tweets, facebook and like 30 other social media apps. In case you missed them, Grays’ short list of the hot peeps makes it easy for you to peep at their activities.
One just hopes everyone on this list is feeling good about having their life streams scrutinized; if you do the web 3.0 thing, very little is private anymore.
On a different note, I was irked that Gray’s A list of thirty-plus has just two women ; on other hands, it’s really a list of bloggers he reads, it’s really no big deal–even if one if them seems to be a friend he keeps promoting,.

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  1. Louis Gray says:

    Susan, the list of “elite” is entirely subjective, and I have no problems adding more people, so if you know of some you think should be included, I’d be happy to do so. Did I miss some influential lady bloggers in particular, yourself included? There was certainly no intended bias. It’s just likely those folks were who I knew first.

  2. Dare Obasanjo says:

    I’m so out of it, I read that list and was thinking “Who the heck are these people?”.
    A-list is in the eye of the beholder I guess.

  3. Ivan Pope says:

    And there’s Louis’ face in MyBlogLog – spooky. And ‘lady bloggers’ indeed – I hope your tongue was firmly in your cheek when you wrote that.

  4. John Furrier says:

    you’re right these lists don’t mean much and Mark Evans made a good point that bloggers are ‘beta junkies’.
    Jason’s post the other day was talking about how popular someone is… there is a difference of being known and being influencial..
    If someone pulls down their pants at a large event they will be remembered but not necessarily be influential.
    If you look at the A-List you can see who is on the ‘pull the pants down’ side and the ‘influencial’ side.

  5. Sally Wu says:

    Susan, good point… where are the other elite women on friendfeed???
    Let me know what you think of my latest post about friendfeed, here…

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