Layoffs 3.0: What I want to do right now

So, it’s been almost 5 weeks since I left Yahoo. What a journey!
What I have learned about where I want to focus
When I started off, I was very focused on wanting to have security, which I saw as a new job, similar to what I’d had before. In the 5 weeks, I’ve moved to a new point of view: my goal is not to maximize my security (and do something interesting); my goal is to maximize my opportunity–and that means avoiding jobs that are secure but not particularly interesting; or, to put it another way, I need to focus on work that engages not only my very pragmatic, loves to see results/execute/get it done side of my brain, but the creative, opportunistic, somewhat disruptive part of my brain–the paradigm shift/changemaker energy I enjoy so much.
How this is playing out
What this means is while I am open to the (right) staff role, I’m seeing myself doing more work with start-ups, emerging companies, and change-making business and products. I’ve got to focus my energy on things where my skills can have real impact, not just chip away at incremental improvements–been there, done that. I’ve learned so much in the past 3 years, and I want to use it all, dammnit.
Consulting + Startups + Writing+ Social Action=My life right now
So, I am definitely going to start looking for actively for consulting and project work.
I’m interested in working on:

  • Marketing, user experience, and product development
  • Branding, brand positioning
  • Creating and extending platforms, particularly around publishing, community, blogs–tool sets and software continue to be a huge passion
  • Conversion and acquisition: I didn’t become an expert in conversion and the funnel just to put is aside–this is amazing stuff, and so focused on the bottom line
  • Social software, search, and Web 3.0 widget type product development and projects
  • Social media support: helping companies select, install and use social media tools
  • Editorial programming/direction–both for events and for web sites/services; Relationships & dating, women, lifestage products, fashion, style, travel and so on…that editorial eye is still there, just meshed with a tech developer’s experience.
  • Writing & blogging: Planning to do lots more, ping me if you want to hire me to do some writing/blogging for you; we can discuss.
  • Doing good: Always a percentage of my time goes to supporting social change; right now I am very interested in local community efforts, particularly in the East Bay.

So, if you have ideas/work/opportunities…let me know. I am feeling very energized.(And thanks).
Start ups
And of course, there are the start up ideas…this is the fun part.

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  1. Andrew J Scott says:

    Hi again Susan
    I’m in the Bay Area from 19th April for 10 days as part of the rather amusingly named “Web Mission” and Web Expo 2.0. Perhaps we can put a time in the diary to meet and chat ideas?

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