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New column up at Blogher on From casual to committed, trying it all again:
“Okay, so there was a period of time—maybe a few years—where I was convinced I’d never meet someone I’d want to spend a large chunk of my life with. In love or not, paired or single, the possibility of connecting with someone I’d both want to live with and plan a future with seemed just really, uh, remote. After all, hadn’t I already been married for 10,000 years and been through all the bonding and the compromises? Why on earth would I ever want to go through the trouble of trying to do that again?”
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  1. Shawn says:

    Susan, I admire this post of yours so much. Thanks for describing your journey in this relationship – I am glad you found something uplifting when you least expected, and your insight into how this transpired is shared magnificently. Thanks!

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