Noted: Yahoo talk

Mercury News: “How Yahoo! lost its way”–A look back at Yahoo! through the years, with a focus on mistakes, missteps and weaknesses. “Upper management was plagued by cronyism. Even when new ideas got a green light, the projects were starved of resources. There were too many people with inflated titles, too many business units and too little cooperation among them.”

Read/Write Web
: Richard likes Yahoo Buzz. Alot. “
While digg has been desperately trying to make itself into a mainstream social news site – and it has succeeded to a degree, as its frontpage now includes politics, entertainment and other non-tech stories – it hasn’t got anywhere near the punch that still packs.”

Search Engine Land:
Quotes the P ortfolio interview where Google’s Eric Schmidt says a Yahoo-Microsoft merger is “bad for the net:” wonders if there is any way to avoid merger, concludes: not.