NYC Gov Paterson tells media and public he strayed-as did is wife

NYTimes article on how new NY Governor Paterson was sworn in, then promptly held a news conference, wife at his side, to disclose the other relationships he–and Michelle Page Paterson, his wife–had had during their marriage.
““I didn’t want to be compromised, I didn’t want to be blackmailed, I didn’t want to hesitate taking an action because the person on the other end might hurt me or my family. I just thought this was the time to come forward and reveal this.”
Susa sez: Is this a new openness that will lead to more discussion about common behaviors we lie about and pretend don’t happen–or an effort to stave off more harm from a conservative media and society?

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  1. Ryan says:

    Don’t people ever get married and not cheat on their wives anymore? Are we no longer allowed to carry the expectation that a man will not have an affair? What other promises are we to assume that people no longer need to keep? I find both episodes with the two most recent governors of NY disheartening, disappointing, and sad.

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