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Vin Crosbie describes what is Web 1, 2 and 3.0:

“…The first is when people in a community wonder what’s happening when they hear their town’s firehouse alarm ring. The Web 1 solution is to publish a professionally reported story, with audio, video, and text, once the alarm is over. The Web 2 solution is to provide a forum for citizens in the town to speculate immediately about what’s happening. The Web 3 solution is to do all of those things, plus wire the town’s 911 response reporting systems to local media companies’ or the municipality’s Web sites so people can immediately and accurately know what’s occurring.”

Susan sez: Web 3.0 is where it’s at, of course but till we make the APIs and widgets simpler to use, these capabilities belong to those with the cash for developers.

(Via Daniel X O’Neill)

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  1. rick gregory says:

    And Web 4.0 is when the systems are wired together to put out the fire, total up the water damage, file insurance reports and, oh yeah, tell people there was a fire…

  2. Vin Crosbie says:

    That Web 4.0 would conflict with the Firefighters Union.
    As for 3.0, the APIs and widgets all already exist and are simple to use. XML, NewsML, AdML, etc. Nothing new here. The problem isn’t that news organizations need cash to pay developers — the news organizations don’t have to develop anything; the problem is that the news organizations aren’t using the existing tagging/XML structures that the average user of Flickr or blogware uses every day.
    Hell, it was only recently that NYTimes.com began using hyperlinks within its stories (my congratulations to NYT for joining the mid-1990s Web!)

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