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“…Well, all this money flowing into the blogosphere is disrupting the complicated and emotional, but also stable way things are done. Bloggers with money and employees and health care programs and boards of directors and shareholders have to play politics with a whole new group of people, splitting them away from what they do best – Fighting the Blog War. Their behavior can become erratic as they have to decide to tone down their writing to get a certain type of sponsor on board, which in turn lets them make payroll. Investors want to see growth, so more and more blogs are launched, but perhaps without the right talent to grow it into a long term business.

In short, I believe the money is being, for the most part, wasted.”

–Techcruncher Mike Arrington, at the end of a superb post explaining how the collapse of big media, the shifts in capital investments in blogggers as media, and the evolving business cycles of growing blog media companies are shifting old-style blogging culture.

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  1. gregory says:

    wasted indeed, but who will believe you? they would have to kill their self-identity, and that won’t happen easily

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