Quote of the Day

“We are in the middle of a disruptive change in the media landscape brought on by two-way interactive media. No longer do we simply rely on the New York Times for national news, Dow Jones or Bloomberg for business news, Ziff Davis for technology information, or Entertainment Tonight for the comings and goings in Hollywood. Instead, or in addition, we go to Huffington Post for politics, Seeking Alpha for stock news, TechCrunch for technology news, and PerezHilton for the latest in celebrity gossip. What do Huffington Post, Seeking Alpha, TechCrunch, and PerezHilton have in common? They are all blogs. And, blogs have become a significant part of the media landscape. This is a big deal. It’s the democratization of the media landscape. But, it’s not completely democratizing because only a small percentage of people will dedicate the time and energy it takes to blog and build a sizable and loyal audience.”
–Fred Wilson, VC, writing about a new commenting system he’s investing in.