Quote of the Day, and then some

“There are no more boundary any more between “species.” What’s a cat is a dog and vice versa. All media is social and all social is media. End of story. Whether content is created by the Pros or the Joes it all has influence, even if it’s small.”
–Steve Rubel, writing about how all media, these days, is social.
Susan sez: I agree with Steve on this, but it’s important t note that while all media is social, the way we access media has completely changed. IE TechCrunch may have rthe authority nce reserved for John Markoff in the NYTimes, but it got that way through the wisdom of crowds, not because Mike had a decent product and controlled or had the best distribution in the region, which was a critical factor in making newspapers succeed. This is a profound shift.
Also, in the past year, we’re shifting again, so the influence of friends recommending stories to one another has become more significant–these referrals have shifted from the automated meme of Techmeme to the hand-rolled links that FriendFeed and FB notes offer, among many others.
In other words, similar destinations, different journeys.