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“…what’s wishy-washy about taking time off? It didn’t seem to me that I had to collect Social Security before I realized that a 70-hour week was nearly as productive as an 80-hour one, and if I couldn’t get it all done in either, it certainly wasn’t because I was taking too much time off.”
–Chef and cookbook writer Mark Bittman, writing in the NYTimes about his efforts to slow down and get offline on the weekends and how tough the adjustment has been. (Another priceless line: “I would no more make a new-agey call to find inner peace than I would encourage a return to the mimeograph.”)

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  1. tish grier says:

    Ironically, I read this article while I was working (on a gorgeous N.E. Sunday afternoon) and thought the guy was right…there’s something awfully workaholic about the lack of slowdown in new media…

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