Scott Karp gets $2.7MM for Publish2

Just heard Scott Karp has gotten $2.75MM in funding from Velocity Interactive Group to build out Publish2, his social bookmarking service for journalists. This is thrilling news for me for two reasons:
1) Scott is a super bright and talented person
2) It’s inspiring, proof that the force of an idea and the courage of acting on it can lead to success (not that Richard McManus and Mike Arrington didn’t show me that earlier).
A nice quote from Scott:
“I’ve come to see the experience of bootstrapping a company as akin to marathon runners who train at high altitudes, where the air is thin, which forces their bodies to increase the number of red blood cells and improve oxygen delivery to their muscles. Having trained their bodies to achieve a high level of performance with very little oxygen, returning to oxygen-rich sea level can yield significant enhancements in performance.

It’s time now for Publish2 to come down from the mountain.”

Scott, this is a race well worth running.