SuperNova Mixer: Good talk, good people

Got up to the city tonight and went to the Supernova mixer at the SF hub for the Wharton School of Business.
Attended an interesting and lively discussion on social networks and making money (aka ‘monetization”) facilitated by Jeremiah Oywang (there was another across the hall run by Jerry M ichaelski). Key points: Facebook is the new AOL, lots of revenue models but little actual adoption of any of them, SNs need to–and will–evolve–to support business needs.
The mixer afterwards was outstanding; lots of interesting people to talk with. Some of the new to me people I met included Luke Sontag (Vidoop) and B rian Glick (YouTube); there were other people I hadn’t seen for a while, and yet others I always enjoy seeing.
Good feeling both to be out and about and to see the level of intelligence of the discussion…what a great city!

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  1. Brian Glick says:

    It was great meeting you as well, Susan. Definitely a fun time – I think there was as much worthwhile discussion packed into those 3 hours as the whole GSP conference (and then some)!

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