Twitflit: Managing the morning ritual

So my new thing is to get up, hit FriendFeed, then twitter, then facebook, then TechMeme, then my gmail, then the NYTimes. On the way through this process, I’m making posts (I am turning into a big user, finally), thinking about items to blog, and laughing my head off occasionally.
Noteworthy items here:
1) Look how social information gathering has become with our cool new tools.
2) Look how much more discursive it is. I am long past the efficency of caring what was on the front page of Google News, the NYTimes or My news is contextual and it takes much longer to absorb.
3) Email has gone down the list because it now carries only personal messages, not news (and because I have always on email on my Blackberry, so there’s less of a time gap.)
1) ‘m doing great on the news through friends and experts filter, but is there a way to get top news headlines without having to get a NYTimes tweet (ugh?)
2) Commenting becomes another way to leave a foot print, as on friendfeed (a favorite feature there.)
3) Matching and referral happen slowly and organically as I see friends of friends posts on FF; would the experience improve if there were people matching/attribute matching tools to speed it up?
Update: Josh Kopelman has a related question: How do all these social feeds scale? Is it a dashboard, simple user selection or wha? (Susan sez: I have an idea. .Josh, am writing you.)

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  1. Richard says:

    “only personal messages, not news”?

  2. gregory says:

    sort of the equivalent of waking up,start the fire, knock the ice off the bucket, check the cow, feed the chickens, check the sky, clean out the stalls
    i actually am trying to come up with the mystical equivalent, coming into body awareness, senses… because what you are doing is much more towards the mystical than the physical…

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