Community and the commons: What I want to support

For me, post Yahoo!, questions about powering news, democracy, community, revenue and the commons among the questions I am most interested
in . Many of the problems I want to help solve \ have use cases tied to community, local action, news, information (and no, I don’t think one product or effort will solve them, this is about areas of focus.)

To make a contribution to having grassroots, quality discourse and information exchange, I’d like to support the following efforts

  • Bring down barriers to online sharing/entry with enabling platform tools for community publishing, discourse, discovery, sharing
  • Foster and evangelize education, best practices and training for individuals, communities and developers
  • Develop APIs, widgets, microformats in open standards(and with open identity) that allow integration, data portability, open access anywhere (choose your own start page)
  • Power open source and web standards as much as possible
  • Build what people need and what matters, don’t over complicate
  • Think through the revenue models so sustainability is possible
  • Think through everything so sustainability is possible
  • Create community for the above

Some ideas coming, meanwhile, comments welcomed.