Neil Budde goes to DailyMe, news aggregator and start page

As Paid Content and other report, former Yahoo! news lead Neil Budde’s now made public his move to DailyMe, a personalized news startup, as president and chief product officer. This has got to be a global play, as the founder is Eduardo Hauser, former founder of AOL Latin America, another Miami-area based enterprise.
It’s tempting to wonder if Budde talked to NowPublic, which reportedly has been auditioning CEOs for at least eight months before landing with DailyMe. Interesting, there was some tremendous talent at AOL Latin America, including Peter Blacker, who is now at Telemundo; it looks Neil is joining a strong and motivated team that knows how to execute (and he certainly will have ideas.)
At his site, Neil Budde, Online News Visionary, Neil shares some thoughts on the new gig:
“I believe that we are still at the early stages of digital news consumption. The ways in which users like you will find, read or watch and interact with news are still evolving and no single approach to meeting your needs will suffice. Being totally focused on translating your needs and interests into an amazing product will make DailyMe the best news destination and a great partner in the news industry.”
Susan sez: It’s great that there is always someone taking a run at the front door of news, one of the essential starting points for users on the net. Based on part performance, Neil and this team should have some great ideas and visible impact.