Quote of the Day

“Instead of stressing yourself out and checking Monster.com and Mediabistro and then dashing around the city, try this: simply sit with a cup of chamomile tea in your apartment, read the Want Ads in the newspaper, and circle them with a big red pencil, just like they did back in the 80’s before there were fax machines! Your jobless, low-income heart rate will slow in a matter of minutes, and if you recycle the paper, you lessen your carbon footprint!

It’s funny because this is similar advice to what I am telling my more, um…globally ambitious friends… when I was at Davos last week. While there, as a keynote speaker, I imparted the wisdoms of Slow Wealth. I taught them how to knit, make windmills, meditate, and have a nurturing sense of patience while they slash jobs and cut back on benefits for their employees.”

–from Slow Unemployed, The Underminer, published at Gawker

Susan sez: read The Underminer by Mitch Albo with Virginia Heffernan and laugh your head off between poignant sobs

Via Irina Slutsky)