Travelling Geeks in Israel: Roadshow, forming

Is this a reality show in the making or what? 

Robert Scoble, Craig Newmark, JD Lasica, Cathy
s, Deborah Schultz, Jeff Saperstein, Brad Reddersen, Renee Blodgett, BizWeek columnist Sarah Lacy and myself are about to spend a week in Israel touring around the country as the Consulate General of Israel to the Pacific Northwest’s  experiment in inviting Bay area tech bloggers and digerati to get a look at Israeli innovation? The deal, we can write whatever we want; share impressions freely, but the trip’s a junket (they’re covering airfare and most expenses).

Travelling Geeks in Israel, we’re calling it, and we’ve even got an aggregate blog, courtsey of JD Lasica, with much valued assist to my webmaster Chad Capellman (no, he didn’t get to go).

Would you be surprised if I told you I said yes as much because I thought spending a week on a very small bus with this crew would be at least as interesting as touring the country?

We’re going to have total media junkie access to all sort of people, from tech’s best and brightest to peace leaders. Because of security, I can’t share the schedule, but there’s going to be alot to read, listen to and watch–and what I can’t imagine will be anything but joyous tumult Real-World style when this many bloggers, many addicted to their digital cameras, video set-ups and 5,000 words per day are all crowded together with lots of stimulation and lots of ideas and opinions to share

In other words, brilliant mayhem (I hope), or what a slice of the blogging community might look like if you flew some of the brightest and most obsessive bloggers I know into a country smaller than New York, bound them together with computer cables and wifi, and then set them free to explore everything, all at once.

So, the party’s starting, the geeks are getting together, and, whether I love every minute or not, I am so ready for this wonderful, long, strange trip..