(Long) Quote of the Day

“When a site designs an API, what they usually do is take their
internal data model and expose every nook and cranny in it in great
detail. Obviously, this fits their view of the world, or they wouldn’t
have built it that way, so they want to share this with everyone. In
one way this is like the form-fitting lycra that weekend cyclists are
so enamoured of, but working with such APIs is like being a bespoke tailor
– you have to measure them carefully, and cut your code exactly right
to fit in with their shapes, and the effort is the same for every site
you have to deal with (you get more skilled at it over time, but it is
a craft nonetheless).

Conversely, when a site adopts a standard
format for expressing their data, or how to interact with it, you can
put your code together once, try it out on some conformance tests, and
be sure it will work across a wide range of different sites – it’s like
designing a t-shirt for threadless instead.”

–The always wise Kevin Marks, Epeus’ epigone, An API is a bespoke suit, a standard is a t-shirt