Time: Mike gets tribute from Ariana; Vogue magazine story is next. Best line:”…after returning to the work world, started blogging as a way to
understand the new Web start-ups that had arisen in his absence.
TechCrunch took off, and he soon found himself an accidental power

Time:  Craig writes about Mark Zuckerberg. Is this mogul to mogul, or customer service rep fellowship? Best and most characteristic line: “All that happened because Zuckerberg has remained true to his vision,
focusing on building a community rather than on a mere exit
strategy–which is why those buyout offers have been declined.”

VentureBeat: KleinerPerkins going more green tech with new $500MM fund, (plus $700MM for the rest of us nerds.)

The Statbot: Instigator Louis Gray and teen whiz Yuri analyze the Scobelizer’s media/life out out stream and discover he’s infatigable, aka he sleeps with an open computer, video tweet stream and tweets (okay, not really, just feels that way sometimes.) Data point ” Means more than a million keypresses had been sacrificed by Scoble for twitter.”:
And one more thing–it is RSS Awareness Day today–a true resolution in how we manage, access, and absorb data.  So don’t forget to thank your newsreader–or the many folks who worked hard to bring RSS into being.