Location aware Services: Now this is something to truly think about

If you’re interested in local, community, identity, of course you are thinking about location-based services.

Chris Messina’s post on location and development gives me alot to think about and is worth a close read. Here’s one snippet and then some ideas it’s prompted:

“Put still another way, how would a universal “location layer for the
social web” change the design and implementation of existing
applications? Would it give rise to a class of applications
that take advantage of and thrive on knowing where their members live,
work and play, and tailor their services accordingly? Or would all
services eventually make use of location information? Or will it depend
on each service’s unique offering and membership, and why people signed
up in the first place? Just because you can integrate with Twitter or
Facebook, must you? If the “location layer” were made available, must you take advantage of it? What criteria or metrics would you use to decide?”

Susan sez: Coming from an online dating service, where we did large quantities of research into safety and security, among both men and women, I’m interested in how the value of location will actually play out. 

I’d posit that there is very little need to actually tell your closest circle where you are via a device because they know anyway (let’s assume you communicate multiple times a day via various channels

So then it’s the second degree circle and beyond you’re able to broadcast or alert where you are–a person is going to want to share that data with specific people or sorts of people at specific times (EX: I am at my kids’ game, all parent friends and members of the soccer team; NOT my boss and co-workers, perhaps.)

And then there’s the amazing marketing that location can drive–Example: Headed to the movie? Here’s a special offer to come have pizza with us before or after! (Ugh).

I am completely interested in location awareness, but also trying to think out best fit use cases so this stuff isn’t stalkery or just more annoying intrusions.