Quotes of the Day

“The excellent thing, and good news, for publishers is that there is
life after print — in fact, a better life after print.”

Pat McGovern, founder and chairman of IDG, a large trade publisher that’s moving print magazines online, and now has 52 percent of its revenue is from online ads, 48 percent still from (higher margin) print side, in one of those semi-breathless NYT stories.

“Technology publishing just happens to
be at the point of this whole transformation of media. What’s happening at I.D.G. is a fairly accurate map for every other
publishing organization. Get over it, it’s going to happen.”

Stewart Alsop, VC, writer, former InfoWorld lead

Susan sez: I believe that most of the dynamic online media will be–add is being–created new, not out of formerly known as print products–but this is  still a great shut up, get on with it, and get over bitching quote for Monday am.