Start-up stories: Would you join your own company?

 So you want to join a start up from BINC Research totally caught my attention–the checklist of what a programmer should consider before jumping into a new company is pretty much a checklist of what a founder would want to cover.  Some of the key BINC points:

  • Do the founders have a track record? Successful exits?
  • Does the team feel like you will fit and be able to go for it, together?
  • Funding: How much is there, and what’s the plan?
  • Maturity: Do you want more equity, more impact, less cash–or the other way around?
  • Culture: Who are these people and do you like their dogs? (Or their partners).

As we pull a team together for the as yet unnamed project I’m working on, these questions are really relevant–not only to people who might join us, but to the founders.

Seems to me, we need to build the kind of company we’d want to work for, and then be able to be articulate about what we’re doing, who we are, what the path is, and what we have to offer.

Would I join my own company if someone else was recruiting me? The pressure is to create something that honestly makes me say Yes.