YAM: The big disconnect

So what is Yahoo! going to do after Microsoft (YAM)? I mean, besides endure fidicuary lawsuits and soldier on as before.

Well, Read Write Web says they should focus on the great services consumers love like flickr, which they call the new heart. Marshall K writes “…  Flickr is the new heart of Yahoo! and many early
adopters (like our readers) are probably more likely to use Yahoo!
services like Del.icio.us, Upcoming or even the new FireEagle than they are to be big Yahoo! Sports or Finance fans.”

It’s hard not to read this and choke, because my impression is that the senior executives at Yahoo think that the future–and the places investment should be focused–are —

a) APEX, the engineering intensive interactive advertising platform
b) Yahoo OS–Big purple’s take on web services, platforms, and Web 3.0
c) Front doors and content personalization–ie How to make Yahoo’s front page and the front pages of top content destinations like finance and sports more profitable and compelling (okay, “sticky)

If you asked folks at the company whether resources were flowing to the RWW list, or to the list above, you might get some interesting insights into where Y! is putting its bets.

In other words, management knows its ideas–and the great talent the company has– are going to pull the rabbit out of the hat, and darn it, one day the rest of us will see that.

Or, Jerry and Sue have some secret, magical powers we just haven’t seen yet (besides a golden parachute, I mean).

Susan sez: Maybe another way to say this is that there’s both an audience and a generation gap…cause I don’t think the RWW properties are what Y! sees topping their success list, but hey, I don’t work there, I’m jest sayin.’