Quote of the Day

“What provokes such fury, over Carrie Bradshaw, and — for a flash —
over Gould (barring a book deal and TV show that will turn her
meanderings into cultural furniture) is that in a media landscape in
which there are a severely limited number of spaces for women’s writing
voices, the ones that get tapped become necessarily, and deeply
inaccurately, emblematic — of their gender, their generation, their
profession. When we are fed — and gobble up —
stories by or about single urban working women, those exotic and
potentially threatening creatures presented to us are often doing
things like confessing their self-doubt, discussing their sex lives,
lying on rumpled sheets looking pretty.”

–Sara Trasiter, writing in Salon, in a piece subtitled  “

The question isn’t why a blogger like Emily Gould has the spotlight — it’s why other women don’t.