Blog with me, baby-VC gives love to MeetUp, big time

Since we’re in the deep middle of trying to get a product out the
door, define our core purpose and value, and get the business partners,
go to market plan and so on all ready to go, a post by a VC I admire about a company he’s committed to has to catch my eye.

And of course when it’s a company( Brad
says is using technology to solve real world problems, I look even
harder (after all that is exactly what we’re all about as well).

But this big wet kiss of VC love for Scott
and his company! Wow, I am bowled over–I hope someday we have some
investors who are so aligned with our business strategy and our vision,
they send this kind of love our way (even if it is mostly a ploy to help Scott & co get some talent at such a talent-tight time).

Brad, way to go!

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