BlogHer: Coming Out Via Blog session is a don’t miss

For the past few years at BlogHer, I was into the idea of trying to create a private space where identity bloggers who wanted to protect their identity could talk without photos, recording etc.

That worked not that well, but well enough, but this year, when I stopped working for Yahoo!, I realized that I felt less need to buffer my personal life from my “corporate” identity (ie. I no longer had a corporate identity.) 

Leaving Yahoo!, getting to know Sarah Dopp who came out as genderqueer, and having my own coming out as non-monogamous(plus a huge repressed girl crush on Patti Smith) made me become much more interested for this year, in talking with fellow BlogHers about the whole experience of owning and making public things in your life that you’d deliberately kept secret as a way to protect yourself.  When I shared these ideas with Elisa, of course things started to take a very interesting turn, and we cam up with this panel on Coming Out Via Blog.

Coming Out isn’t just about using your blog to tell your extended circle you’re gay or queer or bi or whatever–it’s about the way BlogHers are using their blogs to share truths about themselves and their experiences that may feel hard to say, but have power in being integrated and owned. We have a diverse panel who have survived–and written about–depression, bi-polar issues, eating disorders, rape, claiming and reclaiming non-mainstream sexual and political views–and how we have used the blog to speak truths about ourselves, to build community and support, and to try to help others who may be walking our path.

I am honored to manage this panel, and to create a safe space to honor all the hard truths and vulnerable sharings we are sometimes moved to speak.

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  1. mcwflint says:

    Yep. Feeling safe to say anything is my biggest challenge.
    I say it is my journalism background.
    I fear it is years of hearing “never trust anyone, not even your own mother.”
    Or perhaps all those years of teaching Internet safety.
    Or perhaps knowing what it is to be stalked.
    Send me strength to again find my voice.

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