I’m in the top 250 on FriendFeed; guess the user base is really small

ff subs.jpg

User 21 has a nifty post with an analysis of the top 250 most followed people on FriendFeed, ans according to the chart, I’m number 34, which makes me the 4th most followed woman and  in the upper 15% over all.

This is flattering, but I have a few observations about it:

  • Most of the people in the top 50 are all subscribed to most of the people in the top 100, so there is an info-junkies skew going on here.
  • If the bottom of the 250 are people with 264 people and the top is 19,000, there’s not as much of a long tail as one would think–which also suggests this application hasn’t penetrated far beyond the web 2.0 digerati world, yet.
  • Is FF building a new market or taking people from micro-blogging ( think the latter, mostly).
  • Will the rate of growth slow as we work past the digerati, or is a second and third way of adoption coming? (What would tip it?)