OMG, Chad is going to Etsy!!!!

So my friend Chad Dickerson is going off to Etsy as their CTO. This is amazing news, both because I am a total Etsy fan (enamored of both the business and the team), and because I am a Chad fan as well. During our time at Yahoo! and beyond, Chad has been a friend and partner in crime, so this new opportunity for him makes me thrilled–this guy is solid and rocks.

And of course, I think you will love Brooklyn!
Congrats, dude, and congrats, Etsy.

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  1. Chad Dickerson says:

    Thanks, Susan! Your friendship and support mean a lot to me. See you in New York!

  2. fred wilson says:

    i am amazed by the outpouring of support for this move by Chad’s friends in the blog world. i knew it was a great fit for Etsy before the announcement, but now i am doubly sure!

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