Quote of the Day(okay, a longish post)

“TechCrunch and Techmeme get as much grumpiness tossed their direction
as they do because they each own a valuable niche in the blogosphere,
and are expanding their lead, rather than relinquishing it.

While you
could say that TechCrunch competes with ReadWriteWeb, Mashable, GigaOM
or others, they have cemented themselves as the go-to site for new
services entering the market, and even their opinion pieces are widely
read, with almost a million unique RSS subscribers taking note.
Techmeme’s best competition at this point is BlogRunner, with Hacker News, Dave Winer’s TechJunk, Duncan Riley’s QMeme and more organic sites like RSSmeme or ReadBurner coming up in conversation.

But Techmeme’s original perceived competition, like TailRank and Megite,
are mere shadows of what they initially promised. Meanwhile, TechCrunch
is bringing on new writers, and posting more stories than ever (See: The Statbot: TechCrunch Statistics A-W),
and Techmeme is going more mainstream, with news sources like the Wall
Street Journal and New York Times featuring more prominently than most
individual bloggers.”

–louis gray, in what I think is a very good post on blogging backlash, top blogs and blognetworks and the general speedup of interest and activity in this sphere.

Nice complement, this from Scoble.