#ramday and the #hashtag par-tey on twitter

Did you know that #ramday means random about me day and that it’s the tag (#hashtag) for personal bits of data that wouldn’t usually come up in conversation to be the subject of a tweet?

And if you want to see #ramday tags on twitter, you….Uh, you can’t. You need to go to search.twitter.com (aka summize) and take a look there at this.


  • xolotl: as
    a kid I wanted to be a dwarf & adopted the name “Oin” from The
    Hobbit…some high school friends still call me Oin, or Oink #ramday
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  • Grant2007-1-96_normal
    grant: Over the years, I have started at least 4 different print publications — none of which are still going. #ramday
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    Jensenrf: I got my first cellphone sometime during the summer of 2001. And if it wasn’t for @nettaj it probably would have been even later. #ramday