The Now Web–and the acquisition of Summize

The impressively shrewd and thoughtful entrepreneur John Borthwick has a cogent post on the acquisition of summize by twitter and the evolution of what he calls the “now web”-or what I have been thinking of as the “right now web” or the “just in time web” (ie it’s there when you need/want it.)

John writes:
“Somewhere in the past few months the way that I experience the Internet
and specifically live information changed — there is a “now web”
emerging out of an ecosystem of loosely coupled products. There has
always been an immediate, instant component to the web and web
communications — it goes back to mailing lists, IM, email & blog
commenting. But its taking on a whole new form — the density of the
conversations and the speed at which they emerge and evolve is

Susan sez: We’re thinking alot about the right now web with the products we’re developing–and soon pushing out to beta. Twitter, summize and the betaworks products John’s team is building are among the products and companies we have been closely watching.

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  1. Chad Capellman says:

    I second this. Summize more quickly went from being not on my radar to something I can’t seem to live without more quickly than anything I’ve experienced on the web since … well since I first experienced the web.

  2. Todd says:

    I dunno. I think Twittering represents a short-term trend – a temporary fascination with immediacy. Does it really deliver a tangible value? Maybe tangible is the wrong word. But “real” might work there. I’m sure there are certain areas where it could prove to be valuable. But so far, I haven’t seen it.

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