Three days of–whoosh!

My life at this moment, aka the past three days.

Tuesday night we pitched and demoed for the TechStars mentors group and our fellow companies; learned A LOT about how people see our product and how we can improve our presentation. Adrenaline from that night led to a late evening supper, going to bed late, and then getting up early to pack for the flight to SFO.

Wednesday was an early rise, quick packing and the People’s Software road show to DEN, then on a plane to SFO, meetings and demos in the Valley and the city to wise friends. (Again, we learned A LOT from the discussions, truly useful,) then the BlogHer’s CE and Speaker’s meet up (oh, joy) and check into the hotel for the conference.

Thursday is conference start–1200 people roaming the halls, 50 sponsors in exhibit halls, wildly diverse group of bloggers–but with lots of faces familiar from past years.

Feel like I can only get a tiny slice of what is going on here, but gee, it’s excellent to have arrived at this conference I look forward to every year.