Gnomedex: Conference as community

I’m at my friend’s house in the North Bay, taking a deep breath after 12 weeks of TechStars and working flat out, so I didn’t make it to Gnomedex this year, but I wanted too.

This morning, looking at Josh Hallet’s photostream from the kickoff, it strikes me that Gnomedex, like many good conferences and meet ups (including BlogHer), is a community, self-assembled and on the fly, but a community none the less.I’m psyched at the greater diversity of the conference attendees this year (totally due to Chris and Ponzi making sure that happened), and eager to watch more of the talks.

Vicarious thrills iz me today, drinking coffee and doing relaxing in the gray, cool North Bay, a great countweight to two days of driving highway to get back from Colorado. Ugh. Sigh. Coach potato face. Hello, my people,

(Tags to track are on twitter, flickr , friendfeed, and Google...presos are starting to go up at slide share. this is one of those proof cases for social media & remote access.Live feed here.)