Sex & Culture round up day on SMB

Rachel Kramer Bussel has an excellent piece live in the Huffington Post about Carla Bruni, her reported number of sexual partners and whether counting out loud makes you a big slut (she says in our culture, it does). Worth a read and thought provoking.

There are also a number of posts about my old East Coast friend Jefferson who gto divorced around the same time I did and blogged his post-life wildness with a vengance, to the point he got Internet famous with some of the Post-College set. Jefferson is now getting sued for custody of his kids by his ex, and the sex and erotica blogosphere, East Coast division, is divided about whether he deserves their support.

Viviane’s helped organize a legal defense fund for him; Fleshbot’s taken up the call, and British writer Suzanne Portnoy’s written at length about his problems,

However (why is there always an however?) Others in his circle have not been so kind; old friend (of his) Dacia Ray’s come out with a critique of this always asking for something and using bad judgement fella;  a recent lover’s posted a critique, and friends are critical (ouch).

Do you have to approve of someone’s actions to fund their legal defense? In this crowd, the answer is clearly yes, potential loss of kids or not.

On a different note, BitchBuzz is clearly going to have some lovely sex-related writing, like Maria Diaz’ review of Bedpost, a column by Esmeralda Smith on love and sex in the cyber age, and tips on buying private toys online.