Quote of the Day

“But we are shifting, too, from a culture of scarcity to one of
abundance. That is the essence of the Google worldview: managing
abundance. So let’s assume that instead of a scarcity there is an
abundance of talent and a limitless will to create but it has been
tamped down by an educational system that insists on sameness; starved
by a mass economic system that rewarded only a few giants; and
discouraged by a critical system that anointed a closed, small creative
class. Now talent of many descriptions and levels can express itself
and grow. We want to create and we want to be generous with our
creations. And we will get the attention we deserve. That means that
crap will be ignored. It just depends on your definition of crap.”

–Jeff Jarvis, Buzz Machine, writing most eloquently about how the world is shifting and we are getting back our ability to be active creators.