Susan’s travels West : advice sought

So, I’ll be heading back to California  from Boulder, CO later in August once TechStars is done.  I’ve got the dog, and I’m expecting to drive solo. So, questions for everyone who is so inclined: A logical trip West is to go Route 80 and stop in Salt Lake City, Reno and then roll into Norther California.

Does anyone have suggestions for the following:

  • Dog friendly places along the way?
  • People to meet or places to visit not insanely off course?
  • Places or people insanely off course that you think are totally worth the distraction? (Note I am ruling out driving through Burning Man because my dog would not survive the heat.)

Have fun posting here or email me and thank you.

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  1. Ellen says:

    A great resource for traveling with your dog:
    We use it a lot!
    And I’d love to hear about TechStars when you return.

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