Why I hate the new facebook (and am switching back)

Okay, it’s been a couple of weeks and I don’t like what Facebook did to my network. Getting close to the hating it part, in truth. What’s wrong? Ponder these:

  • Pages are so wide, the layouts are amazingly cluttered
  • Thousands of tiny bits of text cancel one another out
  • It’s all about the news feed, but that makes it so hard to get to anything else
  • I don’t want it all about me. Pushing data like Notes into a tiny icon in a corner of the page doesn’t reflect how I use FB, which is to check in about other people (and which is a great reason I have gotten progressively more engaged with friendfeed.)
  • Doesn’t feel fun. (Yep, fun matters.)

Switching back, even as I use it less (One year and six months from the release of the API).