Getting ready for Arse talk: Notes

I’ve been writing the talk for Arse Electronika that I am going to give with Viviane on Friday. It’s been fun to gather pictures, twitter quotes, and to interview bloggers and talk about ideas with Viviane.

Remarkably, there are people in the world who think the Barbie doll incarnation of Julia Allison (the one who always talks about dresses), amusing; less remarkably, there are people I know and respect who break out into virtual hives at each mention of the phrase over share.

Working on the Arse talk, which is about managing attention, transparency and your audience if you’re a sex and relationships blogger (or just play one on the InterTubes), I’m struck by how gender-based some of the swirl turns out to be.

Reading through much of the brouhahah of the blogosphere, I can’t help asking: Are women who blog about their sex lives punished for being’ sluts’ ?  Is Emily Gould holding her place in society by recanting all the fun she had?

Or, to put it another way, which Melissa Gira did when I talked to her for this piece: Is a guy writing about his coke habit kinda okay, while  a woman writing about sexuality is just shocking?

The question I’ve been asking myself is How could this story be different?
 Or, to put it another way? Do most people understand how to control their own mage on the net?