Landing in Berkeley, at last

Last May, I packed up in Palo Alto and took off for Boulder, CO. It was a great summer, and then I drove back to California. For the past couple of week’s I have been staying with a friend in the North Bay, and now I am on an East Coast trip for the Knight News Challenge to NY and DC (and ONA).

Here’s the drum roll–when I get back, I move into a friend’s sublet in Berkeley for a couple months..and look for a more permanent place of my own. I’ve thought about moving to the East Bay since 2004, but circumstances (job at Yahoo!, divorce) made me want to hold off and stay in the Valley.  Now is a great time to move, and I am psyched to head to a part of the Bay area that, frankly, reminds me of Brooklyn, where I spent so many years back East.

I’m hungry to put down some roots, and while that won’t happen for a few months, I’m excited about finding a place that can feel like my block, my home.