Quote of the Day

“How can anyone know who or what to support, when language is used
the way it has been used in this election, with Barack Obama tilting to
the right as John McCain becomes the Maverick bringing change? It’s
like Alice in Wonderland – or better yet, Through the Looking Glass.
The Obamas, although black and “liberal,” are the Brady Bunch, while
the conservatives have the DUI and the pregnant teen-ager.

What does this all demonstrate? That no ideology is pure, no set of
principles too sacrosanct to compromise to the realities of life. The
Republican platform said no gay marriage, but Dick Cheney’s lesbian
daughter has a civil union with her partner, and the Vice President
hasn’t rejected her.

In human situations, people are both better and worse than political ideologies.”

–Francine Hardaway, writing on her blog.