Tracking the NewsChallenge

When part of your job is to evangelize and spread the word, it’s important to understand what works. In the past four months, we’ve tweeted, blogged, had meet ups, and spoken at conferences to make sure people know about the Knight News Challenge.

Here’s a list of some of the data we uncovered—-according to Google Search, in 2007, there were 22 mentions in blogs of the phrase “Knight News Challenge'” in 2008, there are 122.  There have been 117,000 mentions of “Knight News Challenge” in 2008, according to Google Search. (Side note: KNC08 has almost 300 twitter followers.)

A list of some of the blogs and sites mentioning the News Challenge this month (thanks, everyone):

US organizationsTechSoup blog

Bloggers, US

Europe & UK





Middle East



Latin AmericaPablo Brenner, Brazil

Remember, if you have a great idea that fits the guidelines, Knight is interested in seeing it.