Web 2.0 Summit is approaching; should I be packing?

So next week is the annual John Battelle/Tim O’Reilly conference, Web 2.0 Summit, and I am thrilled to join thousands of other digerati in San Francisco on November 5th, 6th, and 7th in what has to be the most somber and down to earth incarnation of this conference in recent years. 

After all, as the site copy says ” “Increasingly, the leaders of the Internet economy are turning their attention to the world outside our industry. And conversely, the best minds of our generation are turning to the Web for solutions. At the fifth annual Web 2.0 Summit, we’ll endeavor to bring these groups together.”

I mean, with a promise like that who wouldn’t be psyched?

Of course, since the conference promises the “leadership of the internet industry” as the voices in the rooms, I’m even more excited. After all, who wouldn’t want to learn from the best of the best, as defined by John Battelle and Tim O’Reilly and their conference committee?

And isn’t it just so 2007 to bother to note that, once again, the number of women speakers is closer to zero than to even 15% of the total number of speaker participants?

It may have been the disgraced Senator Ted Stevens from Alaska who described the Internet as a “series of tubes,” but it’s John Battelle and Tim O’Reilly and their staff who are, by having almost no women speak at this conference, defining the Internet industry as almost entirely male. 

So what if half the customers and 25% of the staff of many companies don’t have a penis?

 Clearly, if you’re a voice that matters in the Battelle/O’Reilly camp, you come packing (no pun intended.)

Of course, just like in 2007, it’s easy to say, hey, don’t you know there are lots of great women out there–here’s where you can find them?  But the bottom line, as we head into year 200+ of this stuff with these boys is clear: When it comes to these fellas, women just don’t matter.

Ladies, he just ain’t that into you

See you there, but I won’t be packing. (But I will be covering the conference, this year–watch for liveblogging, updates and more.)

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  1. gregorylent says:

    gregory lent says forget about gender, that is sexist … castigate them for lack of good content, that is fine … it is the minds that count, not the bodies …

  2. sarahdopp.myopenid.com says:

    Yes. I think you should pack.
    And I want fully blogged reports about the conversations you overhear in the men’s room…

  3. Sarah says:

    Sexist to comment on lack of gender-parity? Do you subscribe to the Palin believe that criticism impinges on your First Amendment rights?
    It is completely valid to question why a panel of speakers was selected. Women are still not treated equally, nor are other races. Plain and simple. And if we don’t call people out for excluding women and minorities, then when will it change? Never. And it isn’t like qualified people are not out there. They are.

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