24 Hours with Mr. Tweet: Discovery as Attention

When I signed up for Mr. Tweet, the new app that helps you discover who you should be following among your network of followers and twittering influencers, it was with the same due diligence that has made me sign up for so many social medial apps that the abandoned detrius of those trials feels akin to asteroids floating around the moon.

But Mr. Tweet is great.  Not only did I learn that I had some highly interesting followers I needed to follow back, I got an analysis and report of the influencers Mr. Tweet recommended I follow–not only their names, web sites and locations, but info on their average daily tweets, if they responded to people they did not follow, and so on.(I am now going to try using MrTweet with my dog’s twitter account and see how the algo holds up.)

Checking out the team behind Mr. Tweet led me to Yu-Shan Fung, fomer Amazon engineer,  and Steve Ming Yeow Ng, with my friend Andreas Weigend, former Chief Scientist at Amazon who is credited as their advisor. These folks say they are passionate about people discovery, self-organizing tools, and cutting through the mess of data claoming our attention…I’m eager to learn more about what they’re up to.