Conferences to note: She’s Geeky & Fem 2.0

People I know are organizing two upcoming conferences focused on women in tech. Fem 2.0 is on February 2nd, at George Washington University. They say their mission is  “to bring together “the leadership of major women’s advocacy organizations and online
women’s communities to further the connection between today’s issues
and women’s voices.”

AAUW, BlogHer, feminist majority, moms rising,, care2, The National Conference of Negro Women, the National Council of Women’s Organizations, NOW, VivirLatino, The Women’s Media Center and WIMN are among the conveners for Fem2.0; one of the organizers s an old friend who has worked with ifocos for many years. It’s not clear what the agenda will be, some some GREAT people are involved.

There’s also an East Coast She’s Geeky that Kaliya, who worked on the first She’s Geeky in October 07 with Mary Hodder, Laurie Rae, and myself, is running in New York. She says there will be a West Coast She’s Geeky in late January and stay tuned.