New: Abrams Media research-Where PR, consulting, and crowdsourcing blur

Are you a corporate entity looking for a “trusted media advisor”? Do you feel the need to go to a consultant company to plan your event panels? Are you someone who wants to supplement your firm’s damage control of an event with good advice from a blogger or member of the press?

If the answer is yes, you may be the target prospect for the brand spanking new Abrams Research, a new consultancy formed by Dan Abrams, a lawyer, legal reporter and anchor who clearly took one look at the Huffington Post’s wisdom of crowds blogging approach and decided to apply it to media strategy, aka spin.

One of the people who helped put together his first crack at an experts’ list(which is not made public on the web site) is Rachel Sklar, recently departed from Huffington Post; three others also participated.  (Full disclosure: I helped Rachel by suggesting some names for this list.)

What strikes me is that Abrams has done a masterful job of Web 2.0’ing his new consulting business. 

Without very much expenditure, he’s created a site, sent out a notice and gotten enough media buzz from The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal to fill up those contact forms he’s got at the site–and all without having to hire any fulltime staff except himself. If anyone is wondering whether Dan Abrams knows media strategy, this move alone should prove it.

Bonus point: Also dug this list of old media and new media people–too bad there’s no one from the Bay area, where we mash up media and tools:
“The Abrams Research Board of Advisors includes top leaders from almost every area of media:

  • Former NBC Universal Chairman Bob Wright 
  • Fox Entertainment President Kevin Reilly
  • HBO’s Bryant Gumbel
  • Court TV founder Steven Brill
  • Former American Media Editorial Director Bonnie Fuller
  • Men’s and Women’s Health editor David Zinczenko
  • Curbed Network Founder Lockhart Steele
  • Former New York Times Sunday Business editor Judith Dobrzynski
  • NBC Travel editor Peter Greenberg”

(Going to hold the bad jokes about over-40 former corporate execs on the list, since they could apply to me as well.)