Quote of the Day

“There’s an obvious line that I can see being drawn in the world of
food.  While many people won’t want to take a side I think that there
isn’t really a choice.  We have a group of people that recognize that
people have been hunting and gathering since forever.  It’s in our
nature to hunt animals and fish, cooking is really an evolutionary tool
we developed to overcome plant and animal defenses.  This group
appreciates the food that we’ve been eating since before the industrial
revolution (If it ain’t broke don’t fix it) and is skeptical of
improvements to nature’s design.  I believe I fall into this group. 
While a butter making machine is very cool, I image hand churned butter
tasting better and being more satisfying to eat.  My understanding of
my preference for this is that I have a better connection to what I’m

 The care that went into the butter, the attention to detail,
the fact that grass-fed beef is beef from a cow that lived life how
nature intended. In short the other side is the group who doesn’t buy
into that and appreciates things like molecular gastronomy (bullshit
gimmicks), nitrogen ice cream, Monsant, Vitamin enriched cereal,
Fast-Food, Cheesecake Factory, and all the other ‘innovations’ of the
last 50 years.  If that sounds one sided, that’s because it is.  Fuck
it, start your own site.”

–Zach Jarrett, whose journey into cooking and blogging is just fascinating to observe, writing on grass feed beef and locavore issues.