Reflections on 3 days without social media & a couple new tools

When you are addicted to the Internet, like me, and when you go offline for three days during a holiday with family, like I just did, you notice things.  My loss was not the net (heaven forbid, I have a browser on my phone), but my social media tools and community (twitter stopped working on my phone and so on…)
Now that I am (joyously) reconnected, so observations:

  • When you are offline, you miss news delivered to you personally in the bulletin-like format of personal emails (truth is, I did get email on my phone, just not the net)
  • Without twitter, there is no extended community to monitor and feel connected to (true continuous partial attention)
  • Without friendfeed, there are no news links & commentary to enhance and expand news. And there is no meme of the day; the “best of” post everyone piles onto with comments.
  • And web surfing on a little browser isn’t the same…most sites are not optimized (I know, I bought a Blackberry instead of an Apple and this is what I get…)

Anyway, there are some new tools I am playing with that I didn’t miss, but now that I am re-wired, seem hella fun:

  • Plinky. Jason said don’t say anything, so no info yet, more to come on this one
  • Zentact: Tag your friends and contacts and then better manage relationships; I’m intrigued, but I imported too many people so the product loads way too slow to really test.
  • Mr tweet: Is this a one trick pony? Had a great time when I got my first report of twitter people to follow…will there be more? (hint, hint, fellas).