Sic’ em: Rosenbaum goes after Jarvis; who comes off better?

Is it totally old school to watch when two media pundits turned new media pundits get into a blogosphere cat fight?  How do we evaluate the winners–by their stance on the side of right, their chest-thumping, their clearly superior logic, or what?

In the case of this week’s Ron Rosenbaum/Jeff Jarvis smack down, I propose we use their rhetoric as the battleswords–let him with the best insults, put-downs and sound bites win.  After all, isn’t that what punditry really is? Twitter meets The Quotation Dictionary?

Rosenbaum, Slate:

  • “Dedicated guys who did great work at the dying dailies are being made to feel by Jarvis that they deserve to be downsized. Yet who has the most honor, the men and women who did the work or the media consultants who mock them?”
  • “Firing people on the writing side because of the incompetence of the business side is a long tradition in the media business, and Jarvis gives management a New Age fig leaf with which to shift the blame from their own incompetence.”

Jarvis, BuzzMachine:

  • “He’s mad because I’m not acting sufficiently mournful and respectful at the demise of his friends’ journalistic careers (and perhaps his own). I’m “increasingly heartless” about these “beautiful losers”.
  • “Rosenbaum accuses me of “living the good life” as a consultant, professor, blogger, blatherer. I wish. When I worked for Advance and Conde Nast, I made many times what I do now. So why the hell did I leave? Because I wanted to be more a part of the future and believed I could best do that by working with students who will be that future, by helping companies from the outside with one other perspective, and by joining in and sometimes prodding the urgent discussion about new and sustainable models for news.”

Susan sez: Is Rosenbaum hitting out in the wrong direction attacking Jeff?  Does trying to take Jeff down a peg do anything to affect positive change?

Blog by blog, quote by quote, I say Jeff wins this one–what do the rest of you think?

Update: A no name poster on Jeff’s blog sex Rosenbaum is irked by Jeff’s ego–and that it gets in the way–but hey, do you know many successful execs w/o big egos?
Jeff’s deeds matter more than his desire to be recognized; without the work, there would be no chances to get flown to Dubai.

John McQauid sez:”Radical innovation is the only way forward for journalism, and is
incredibly promising. Whining about the bygone days (five years ago!)
of newspapers and magazines may provide a necessary emotional outlet,
but it’s a huge waste of energy and a distraction from the challenges
at hand.”

The Observer’s Gillan Regan jumps in to cover the story–but adds nothing.

Rosenbaum, 1, Jarvis 10,