Web 2.0 Summit wrap up

Sitting in Oakland on Sunday later afternoon, the Web 2.0 conference already seems far away, but some of the connections and conversations are still resonating.  Web 2.0, this year, was one of those conferences that proved that travelling long distances (which I didn’t have to do) is worth it when it bringing people of compatible interests together.  For me, there were the old friends from AOL, the former Yahoos, the current friends and business partners, and new people to meet and talk with; an ideal mix, right?

Some highlights in my world:

  • Learning Isaac Mao is going to be spending time in the US as a Berkman fellow; I met him in Shanghai in 2005, think he is great and would like to help him do things in this new role.
  • Reconnecting with Rebecca McKinnon. Another person from the early blogosphere I know and admire it was a pleasure to see.
  • Steve Marder: My former Eurekester client is such a smart guy, I want to talk more with him.
  • Joking about Obama’s My Man, Sam Perry, with scores of people
  • Catching up with fellow travelling geeks JD Lasica and Renee Blodgett
  • Realizing that assholes are always assholes. Saw a couple of people who are just jerks, and they were consistent. My favorite was the guy who when I said hello, skipped the script that involves saying “And how are you?” and went straight to bragging about all the people who want to hire him. Was a great demonstration of insecurity. My response was generous-“Oh, I am so happy for you, must feel great…” and I walked away laughing.