2008 Lists I like

If I spent a week combing through the 1,000-odd lookback, look foward and round up lists, this might be more comprehensive–but you wouldn’t be reading it on New Year’s Day. So, fast, cheap, and good, here’s a few lists that are on my must-read.

Rex Sorgatz: 30 most notable blogs of 2008
Nothing like a fresh and authoritative point of view to help enliven the blogroll!

TechMeme, Megan McCarthy: Top Ten Tech Stories of 2008
Don’t love the list items (because I am not a fan of how TechMeme turned into CNET as the breaking news home for consumer electronics product stories, ugh), but love that Miz Megan is there to write the list(and more lists to come.)

Orli Yakuel:The Web in 2008
Israeli blogger Orli has her own take on things, one that always enhances my perspective–and this video piece is no exception.

Louis Gray,10 Things I Wish I Would Do Better On the Web Come 2009
A new king of I-centered blogging has great notes to share.

Everyday Journalism: Resolutions for journalism students: become invaluable
Isn’t it true that all of us need to become invaluable and network like crazy in 2009?
Kudos to recent grad Suzannah Yada  for articulating that. (Via Ryan Sholin)